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Art has absolutely no limits to what you can create, anything can become reality. With this capability it is incumbent on me to make art.

My art career started with the love of drawing on loose pieces of paper on the kitchen table of my childhood. This was a quest for a truthful representation of the figure or nature. This led me to become a sculptor in stone, where i made hand made headstones and stone sculpture in particular. Here I was looking for the three-dimensional likeness. Then I studied animation and ceramics for fluidity of movement. In this cross disciplinary way, I found that one discipline influences another, so I am never limited with my ideas.

 My background in drawing and as a traditional craftsman has had the greatest effect on my work. I am constantly refining form and shape through a process reiteration and reinterpretation. I like to stretch materials inherent plasticity or tension with alternative techniques and cutting-edge processes. Structure and physical presence are paramount. My work can be figurative and abstract. I am very comfortable in both realms. The materials of choice for me are stone, steel, ceramics, or mixed media, but any material can be used to portray my message.

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